Day 5 – Wednesday, Aug. 14

Heaviest Fish Leaderboard

Can they hold the lead until the end?

1st Place - 15.99 lbs

1st Place – 15.99 lbs

Angler: Michelle Murray
Hometown: Eagle River, AK
Vessel: Joe Legacy
Location: Head of Bay
Weight: 15.99 lbs

2nd Place - 15.97 lbs

2nd Place – 15.97 lbs

Angler: Angela Garner
Hometown: Wichita, KS
Vessel: Debora M
Location: Tonsina Creek
Weight: 15.97 lbs

3rd Place - 15.96 lbs

3rd Place – 15.96 lbs

Angler: Ron Goodwin
Hometown: Wasilla, AK
Vessel: Gnarly Butt
Location: Pilot Rock
Weight: 15.96 lbs

Daily Winners – Heaviest Fish!


Darrell Lamping @ 15.29 lbs


Sam Lukacinsky @ 12.69 lbs


Aiden Woods @ 13.41 lbs

More Daily Prize Winners!

Random Weight sponsored by Alaska SeaLife Center

Daniel Kimberly @ 5.61 lbs

64th Largest Fish sponsored by Kenai Fjords Tours

Taylor Perry @ 10.17 lbs